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Donor Stories

Donor Stories

Learn how others have secured their BU legacies impacted the lives of future Huskies through charitable gift planning.

  • Ayana's Legacy
    Ayana's Legacy
    Philadelphia native Ayana J. Bennett '10 never dreamed of going to college because no one in her family ever had. She never even talked to...
  • Judy's Legacy
    Judy's Legacy
    Judy Wolf '62 wanted to make a gift to help deserving students, but she also needed to supplement her income. Creating a charitable gift annuity...
  • George and Laura's Legacy
    George and Laura's Legacy
    "I believe it's the foundation you build that sets you on the right path to success and for me, that foundation was Bloomsburg," says George Antochy...
  • Roland's Legacy
    Roland's Legacy
    When Coach Burt Reese reached out to Roland Lamy '91 asking him to add Bloomsburg to his list of college possibilities, Roland was...
  • Bob and Mark's Legacy
    Bob and Mark's Legacy
    For Mark Keyser '75, who grew up in Lewisburg, PA, the idea of going to a big school wasn't very appealing. After visiting several colleges, he chose to...
  • Linda's Legacy
    Linda's Legacy
    As a first-generation college student, and the third of six children, Linda Williams '77 wasn't exactly sure what she was going to do with her life...
  • Sheri's Legacy
    Sheri's Legacy
    "I wish I had done this sooner," says Sheri A. Lippowitsch '81, of her recent gift to BU. Sheri recently established a virtual endowment, a blended...
  • The Viola Family's Legacy
    The Viola Family's Legacy
    Greg Viola '71, will always hold Bloomsburg University close to his heart. Their many family trips taken to BU over the years would eventually lead to both...
  • Arlene's Legacy
    Arlene's Legacy
    Arlene Superko '45 recognizes and appreciates the positive return on her Bloomsburg University Education. "I started to save up some money after many...
  • Hugh and Ruey's Legacy
    Hugh and Ruey's Legacy
    Hugh Dempsey '70, '75 M has been passionate about his Catholic faith for as long as he can remember. As a student at Bloomsburg, he often found himself...
  • Barbara's Legacy
    Barbara's Legacy
    "No one in my family went to college," said Barbara Romano '83. She never even considered college as a high school student. Then a...
  • Kimberly's Legacy
    Kimberly's Legacy
    Philadelphia native Kimberly Abney will be the first to tell you she wasn't ready for the academic challenges ahead when she came to Bloomsburg...
  • Paul and Jennefer's Legacy
    Paul and Jennefer's Legacy
    Paul Clifford and his wife Jennefer, both members of Bloomsburg University's graduating class of 1996, wanted to make a gift that could foster an experience...
  • Marc's Legacy
    Marc's Legacy
    As a first generation college student, Marc Steckel '93 learned that one's success is most often achieved with the help of others, a lesson he vowed to...
  • Morrie's Legacy
    Morrie's Legacy
    "When I started at BU in 1952, I was 17 years old," says Morrie Schultz '59, "I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life and I struggled with school my...
  • Joan and Fred's Legacy
    Joan and Fred's Legacy
    Today's graduates begin their careers idealistically and enthusiastically with a goal to do "good work," i.e., work characterized by Excellence, Engagement...
  • Mike and Beth's Legacy
    Mike and Beth's Legacy
    In 2014, Michael '85 and his wife Beth Boguski of Mechanicsburg committed a major gift to the Bloomsburg University Foundation through a planned gift in...
  • Tom and Ceil's Legacy
    Tom and Ceil's Legacy
    They met at a Fall dance in the Husky Lounge in September of 1962. Tom, a biology major, was a sophomore. Ceil, a freshman, was majoring in...
  • Jack's Legacy
    Jack's Legacy
    At BU, Jack Wise '67 was a National Science Foundation scholarship recipient and the epitome of a well-rounded student, succeeding academically, and...
  • John's Legacy
    John's Legacy
    "Wearing the 'Bloomsburg beanie.'" That's the very first memory John Marzano '74 has from his days at BU. "I recall freshman had three days of orientation...

Donor Stories

Learn how others have secured their BU legacies and impacted the lives of future Huskies through charitable gift planning.

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